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Effective Change Management

Training Summary

Anyone who’s led change programs before will know how difficult it is to gain initial momentum and trigger change that is sustainable. This training primarily focusses on two key challenges of change: results improve consistently.

1)The challenges leaders face at the beginning of change initiatives.

2)The challenges leaders face to sustain results over the long term and to install the correct tools to make sure

Target Audience

From first line management to board level.

Main Contents

Examples of some key lessons addressed in this training are as follows:

  • The Vision
  • Use crises to gain momentum
  • Create accountability - define champions for key tasks
  • Measuring your success – the importance of defining your success criteria
  • Create short term wins and celebrate these
  • Organising the change chaos – Visual Management
  • Standardisation and layered process audits as tool to support sustainability


Properly understanding and planning organisational change has profound benefits for any change activity and significantly increases the chances of enduring success. At the very least change leaders or champions should understand the basic steps and tricks of good change management.


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