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Just in Time Logistics

Training Summary

The principle of lean logistics focusses on providing the right material at the right time at the right location and in the right quantity. There is a variety of best practice examples to be learned from advanced logistic operations. This training provides an overview of the basic principles lean logistics follows and supports these with practical examples suitable for the client’s environments. As lean logistics starts with understanding the value stream this training also touches on some basics about process mapping.

Target Audience

From operator level to department heads

Main Contents

Examples of some key lessons addressed in this training are as follows:

  • Understanding just in time logistics
  • Flow where possible, pull where required
  • How to calculate suitable buffer sizes
  • The Supermarket principle
  • Kanban
  • The line back principle
  • Transporting air - Fork trucks vs. cyclical tugger routes
  • The milk run principle
  • Small batch sizes providing flexibility and improving quality


Lean logistics starts with understanding the value stream. Therefore we recommend to introduce value stream mapping training before starting the logistic improvement activities.


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