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Training Summary

Good Leadership is by far the most significant characteristic of highly efficient companies. RiverRouge has studied the leadership techniques of some of the most successful characters in operational excellence. The training summarises this study by providing 20 Key principles that will completely change the way you approach your role as a leader. Practical examples will demonstrate how to put these principles into practice.

Target Audience

From first line management to board level

Main Contents

Examples of some key lessons addressed in this training are as follows:

  • The clarification of the difference between leadership and management,
  • Creating a vision and communicating direction: policy deployment and the how to establish a strong performance
  • Visual Management – Make your problems visible
  • the complex subject of how to make the right decisions
  • The power of work flow and cyclical meetings – Understand your information flow / cascade – establish your meeting
  • Value Stream Focus: Understanding of process support, team work, escalation and the ‘go and see’ principle
  • How to make your team work
  • Support where required and let loose where possible (one minute manager system)
  • Speed up the rate of change through PDCA (or A3 deployment)


RiverRouge strongly recommends starting change programs or lean implementations with a leadership training session to provide the basics for sustainable success.


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