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Lean in Service Organisations – Improving the Customer Journey

Training Summary

Lean is all about improving value streams and therefore reducing the time and resources it takes for a process to produce a product or service.

At RiverRouge the lean training for service organisations focusses primarily on those principles which are most effective in streamlining business processes and therefore reducing required resources as well as improving the customer journey.

Target Audience

From middle and higher management of service organisations

Main Contents

Examples of some key lessons addressed in this training are as follows:

  • What is lean
  • Lean applied in service organisations (understanding the difference between tools and principles)
  • Experiencing the Customer Journey
  • The end-to-end value stream
  • The two main constraints in service environments: 1) Bottlenecks

2) Variance

  • What can be done to reduce Bottlenecks and improve Flow ?
  • What can be done to reduce Variance?


Due to the challenges of applying lean in service environments this training is structured with an emphasis on providing practical examples and case studies to ensure that the application of the principles is fully understood. This way the audience should be able to visualise the application of lean tools despite the absence of a visible and tangible hardware flow.


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