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Lean / TPS Basics

Training Summary

The Lean / TPS (Toyota Production System) basics training should provide a comprehensive overview of the Lean / TPS framework and how the principles are linked together. This should enable candidates to establish a first improvement plan to trigger first improvement activities.

To explain the process orientated principles like the pull principle, flow and standardisation in as visual a way as possible RiverRouge uses real-life simulation games. In these simulations the audience participates in hands-on classroom exercises in which a dummy production line is set-up including various embedded inefficiencies. The candidates then have three iterations available to improve the productivity of the line implementing the basic lean principles flow, pull and takt.

Target Audience

From shop floor staff to board level

Main Contents

Examples of some key lessons addressed in this training are as follows:

  • History of Lean and TPS
  • Difference between Lean and TPS Principles
  • The 6 big operational losses: Lean / TPS as enabler to achieve bottom line improvements
  • 14 Principles of ‘Lean Thinking’
  • Systematic Root Cause analysis and A3 thinking
  • 7 Wastes
  • Standardisation
  • Value Stream – Value Stream Mapping
  • Just in Time – Pull Principle
  • Flow and Takt
  • Total Preventive Maintenance


The Lean / TPS Basics training is a good start for organisations to set the scene for the start of a transformation and to achieve a common understanding in the organisation of what lean / TPS is all about and how it can help to improve an organisation’s bottom line results.


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