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Training Summary

Shainin is a Problem Solving Methodology that can be used to solve long lasting chronic process variance problems in otherwise stable and controlled environments. The methodology uses the conclusion that is a cause–effect relationship the impact on product quality of one variable has to be stronger than the impact of others. Through strategic change of parameter values or equipment the methodology attempts to generate a clearer understanding of the problem quickly by replicating what is called BOBs (Best of the Best parts) and WOWs (Worst of the Worst parts) and interpreting the results and the effects the parameter and equipment changes had on the part’s quality.

Used in the right way Shainin can complement or speed-up conventional ‘experimental’ problem solving significantly. Also the often used DOE (Design of Experiments) method used in the SixSigma approach can be drastically sped up with using the Shainin approach.

Target Audience

From first engineer level to middle management primarily beneficial in technical environments like automotive, aerospace or other manufacturing industries

Main Contents

Examples of some key lessons addressed in this training are as follows:

  • Theorigin of Shainin
  • Shainin vs. SixSigma
  • Designing test the Shainin way
  • BOB’s and WOW’s
  • Practical Examples


Shainin is probably the most underestimated problem solving methodology used in manufacturing. The clever way of applying systematic testing to understand root causes of technical problems very quickly could save endless hours of quality investigations if applied systematically. In being a much simpler method, organisations often regard this method as far more applicable to a wider array of problems compared to the rather data-heavy SixSigma approach,


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