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Shop floor Management

Training Summary

Shop floor Management is a technique of managing an organisation’s value streams at their source. For production environments this would be production shop floor, for service companies it could be, for example, a call centre office or the retail stores. Regardless of the environment, applied properly this technique generates an immense focus on your value generating processes and focusses the organisation on a smooth operation of these processes through a constant visualisation and escalation of occurring process interruptions and consequently a rigorous elimination of the root causes of the interruptions.

Target Audience

From operator level to the operational leadership functions.

Main Contents

Examples of some key lessons addressed in this training are as follows:

  • Make your problems visible
  • Short Cycled Performance Management
  • Systematic Root Cause Analysis
  • A3 thinking
  • Operator Versatility Matrix
  • Standard escalation process
  • Waste Walks


To achieve an effective shop floor management system usually takes a significant change of organisational thinking and management behaviour. Therefore a rather lengthy coaching process is required to take key staff through the principles and thinking required to gain full potential of the benefits. Although once the system starts to be understood and applied the effects on the bottom line are usually ground-breaking!


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