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Training Summary

SixSigma is a problem solving methodology which aims to solve complex problems by using statistical tools to understand trends and patterns in data so that root causes can be identified and understood. The methodology works with a standardised logical sequence of analysis steps (DMAIC) to ensure the problem solving process has a high chance of success.

The SixSigma training provides an overview of the approach and the main tools this methodology applies. As some of the SixSigma tool set uses more complex statistical methods to analyse complex problems these can’t all be taught within a single one day training session. But a good overview of the structure and some practical examples provide a good basis to work with.

Further in-depth training or project coaching can be provided but has to be scheduled over various days.

Target Audience

Mainly for change agents, lean practitioners / consultants, champions or middle management.

Main Contents

Examples of some key lessons addressed in this training are as follows:

  • History of SixSigma
  • The DMAIC Process
  • SixSigma Statistics
  • Principle of Hypotheses Testing
  • Design of Experiments


All RiverRouge consultants are trained and certified in SixSigma. This methodology is an very helpful addition to the Lean / TPS toolset and provides further analysis tools and problem solving techniques.


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