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Standardisation and Standard Confirmation

Training Summary

Standardisation Roll-out: Standardisation is the basis for any improvement activity or root cause analysis. Many companies completely underestimate the work and accuracy required for a well implemented standardisation system, but once the basics are established standardisation has the single most significant impact on product quality and process efficiency.

The process confirmation system should enforce adherence to the standards by providing a comprehensive audit system. The confirmation process or ‘layered process audits’ is the most important principle to ensure the sustainability of improvements and implementations.

Target Audience

Mainly Operator and Team leader level. Confirmation system reaches the higher management levels.

Main Contents

Examples of some key lessons addressed in this training are as follows:

  • The elements of comprehensive standard work instruction sheets
  • Standardisation and the link to effective root cause analysis
  • The standard confirmation process or layered process audits


Standardisation is the basis of any improvement activity and should therefore be established before organisations approach any of the other principles.


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