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The Coaching Process

Training Summary

Coaching is an expression widely used in the context of training and is superficially simple. But in most cases the approach to coaching and effective knowledge transfer is neither fully understood nor does a strategy of designing this knowledge transfer exist so that the coaching process can generate the promised impact and sustainability.

This training should clarify what coaching should entail, how a properly planned coaching process should look and how the knowledge transfer can be made more effective through specific techniques and tools.

Target Audience

Mainly for change agents, lean practitioners / consultants, champions or middle management with the desire to learn more about efficient knowledge transfer.

Main Contents

Examples of some key lessons addressed in this training are as follows:

  • The learning pyramid (experiencing situations is the best learning)
  • Open Mind – Untying the knot (Benchmark Visits etc..)
  • Leading by Example
  • The Coaching Matrix
  • Simulation Training


Coaching is by far the most effective method of knowledge transfer specifically for more behaviour related change topics. Hearing and knowing how decisions should be made or how a behaviour should look and actually applying it in real life is often very different because the environments and situations vary so much and often other factors come into play that might not have been part of the initial training situation. Teaching people how to react in specific situations is classroom training – living the decision process with them once these situations occur is coaching!


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