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Total Preventive Maintenance

Training Summary

The principle of total preventive maintenance focusses on measuring and systematically reducing the 6 big losses of operational equipment and then triggering preventive countermeasures aimed at reducing the losses where possible. With the help ofthe systematic analysis of downtime data a preventive maintenance system should highlight the constraints and chronic defects of equipment and so enable focus on the big hitters first.

Target Audience

From operator level to first line management

Main Contents

Examples of some key lessons addressed in this training are as follows:

  • Understanding of bottlenecks
  • Understanding of autonomous maintenance
  • Seven steps of total preventive maintenance
  • Measuring the 6 Big Losses of operational environments
  • Visualisation and continuous improvement of equipment performance
  • Understanding accountability for equipment condition


The key to quick bottom line results out of TPM activities is to start with the implementation only on the bottleneck equipment first and then continue with the equipment causing quality concerns due to wear and contamination. This way the impact on quality and delivery performance will be visible very quickly.


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