Who we are

Our Values

Letting consultants into your business

is always a difficult decision. This is why RiverRouge sets such a high priority on an open and transparent relationship based on trust and teamwork. To foster this kind of partnership with our clients RiverRouge has therefore set five clear value targets for all employees:

  1. ROI > 10:1: All client engagements should aim for a return on investment in excess of 10:1.
  2. Integrity: We always recommend the best approach for our client’s business and not what is best for our revenue. Our clients success is the best way of establishing trust and a long term relationship.
  3. Respect: We aim for a direct but respectful communication style with our clients and our client’s employees.
  4. Discipline, structure and preparation: Our consultants should be role models regarding work discipline, have a structured approach in any situation and should always be prepared.
  5. Walking the walk: This is where RiverRouge sets itself apart from the majority of the competition. We are not only teaching new concepts but we are also implementing them together with our clients and going through all the challenges of the change together.